Greater Waco Legal Services was founded upon a mission of holistic advocacy and community-driven problem-solving. We do not exist to provide band-aids alone for individual legal needs. Instead, we must strive to address the deeper causes and root out the harmful sources of our collective afflictions. We now find ourselves more deeply committed than ever before to work that dismantles systems of injustice, destroys racist structures, and dethrones ideologies hellbent on protecting the whiteness of America. Revolution starts at home, and GWLS commits to fight for racial justice in deed and not just word.

Coming alongside other organizations is vital during this time. Below we have listed some organizations that we believe are fighting for racial justice in our city and our nation. We encourage you to follow these organizations and learn more about practical steps that we can take to join the fight. 

Waco based organizations:

  • Lone-Star Legal Aid
National Platforms: